Op-ed: Canada needs to incentivize voting

[Update: the National Post link to this article no longer seems to work. I’ve posted the full text below.]

About a week ago, my friend and colleague David Moscrop wrote an intriguing op-ed in the National Post arguing that the biggest problem facing Canadian democracy is not low turnout, but unreflective voters. Among other things, it is a critique of the idea of mandatory voting. His full argument is here.

While certainly supportive of the idea that we need Canadians more engaged in politics, I nonetheless find the basic goal of increased turnout by various mechanisms, including mandatory or otherwise incentivized voting, to be convincing. At the same time, I found problematic David’s idea that increased turnout without additional reflection can actually be counter-democratic.  Eventually, I wrote my own op-ed:

Incentivize voting

photo credit: JosephGilbert.org via photopin cc

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