Stewart Prest: Don’t fear the coalition

Road testing the reblog function on the new Ottawa Citizen website.

Ottawa Citizen

Tim Hudak claims voters don’t like coalition governments, and that they are not good for the province of Ontario. It is easy enough to see why he’d be opposed to them. In the three-body problem that is Ontario politics, the Conservatives are likely to lack a viable coalition partner no matter who wins a minority in this election. While there’s no love lost between the NDP and Liberals, they have more in common with one another policy-wise than with the Tories.

So what? It’s just politics, right? Why not forswear an alternative that was never really available to you, if it makes things a bit more uncomfortable for opponents?

The problem is such talk shapes opinions. Over time, if repeated often enough, they create a reality of their own. While uncommon in Canada, coalitions are a perfectly legitimate and potentially useful form of government, one seen now and then in…

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