Auditing reactions to Ford’s Return. (Trigger Warning: Sitting Toronto Mayor-based content)

I noted today that the Globe and Mail ran a video pondering “who benefits” from the return of the titular mayor of Canada’s largest city. (Please note, I provide the link for reference. I’m not advising that anyone actually click it. Incidentally, isn’t newspaper video just the best? Who doesn’t enjoy taking four minutes to learn something obtainable from a 15 second skim?)

Despite having sworn off all such content months ago, I couldn’t help but take a look at what the national papers were saying.

Here’s what I found from Canada’s three largest papers, all of which happen to be based in the Big Smoke. Here’s a screen grab of what the headlines blared tonight:

First, the National Post.


Not exactly buried, but not trumpeted either. It has the feeling of dutiful coverage, as much as anything.

Then, there’s the Star, for years now the bête noire of the public official in question.


Just about the same. An acknowledgement, but no hay being made.

Finally, the Globe and Mail itself, Canada’s self-identified newspaper of record. Canada’s Great White Lady, if you will.


I never clicked the link to the G&M video (or any of the other stories), so I may never know who stands to benefit politically from his technical Worship’s technical return, but I did come away with a pretty good idea of at least one organization trying to gain from it.

As you were, Canada. I will resume my boycott on all such stories in the future, and advise everyone else to do the same. Apologies for any discomfort that resulting from this post.

Oh, and happy early birthday, Canada!
photo credit: katsrcool (Kool Cats Photography) 1,000,000 + View via photopin cc

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