David Moscrop and Amanda Watson: The shootings in Ottawa won’t change this country

Valuable context from UBC PhD candidate David Moscrop, and his coauthor Amanda Watson of the University of Ottawa.

Ottawa Citizen

Over morning coffee in Pacific Daylight Time, breaking accounts from Parliament Hill interrupted traffic and weather on The Early Edition and social media accounts of an attack flooded the Internet. It was shocking news. Residents of Canada are unaccustomed to hearing about shooting attacks on our capital.

In real time, people watched and listened as events unfolded, and before the attack was even over, they speculated why it had happened, how it had happened, and who was responsible. Rightly, many of us were alarmed.

One of the core functions of the state is to protect those within its borders. In Canada, every person should be able to live and go about their business each day assuming that they will be safe. While there is evidence that some people’s lives are less secure than others, before Wednesday’s shootings, many of us assumed we would wake up in the morning and go…

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