Rating Presidential Performance: The EAR of the President

So who is the MVP (Most Valuable President)?

Last week, Philip Bump of the Washington Post published an interesting littleĀ  post outlining what he thought were the best and the worst years to have been President in the last 70-odd years. The method was simple: compare across years how presidential approval, as measured by Gallup polls, changed over the course of the year. It’s just intended for fun, and not in any way scientific. The results are interesting, however. The best year? GW Bush, year 1. The worst? His father’s annus horribilis in 1991, when his approval dropped a stomach churning 33%.


Of course, it immediately struck me that I could do something similarly unscientific, yet WAAAAY more needlessly sophisticated. In part, I am inspiredĀ  by the sabermetrics revolution Continue reading